Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sukamade Or Adventure Tour


Witnessing one of great natural event of surviving pre-historic reptile can be one great vacation experience. 

The principal object of this adventure tour is watching the turtle to lay their eggs on virgin secluded beach which is well-known as SUKAMADE BEACH. 

Before searching the turtle you will go through tropical low land rainforest on the southern coast of Java island. It is also possible to walk on jungle road for haft to one hour after long driving from Banyuwangi to Rajekwesi (Fishermen villages). National Park that has been set in colonial era as one of wildlife reserved in east java is worth to visit during your vacation in Indonesia. The peak season for green turtle, mostly found laying their eggs on Sukamade Beach. is on wet season but usually can be found on entire year.

Jeep is crossing a river near Sukamade Plantation

Distance Beach Sukomade approximately 97 km to the southwest of the town of Banyuwangi. Sukomade beach is quiet and beautiful beaches. At first it was discovered by the Dutch coast in 1927. Rubber, coffee and cocoa plantations were planted in an area of ​​1200 hectares of land. Sukomade meropakan natural forests in East Java, associated with turtle breeding.

Save the sea turtle...... turtle nursery help them stronger

Sukamade coast is the habitat where turtles lay their eggs. In this place, tourists can witness firsthand the activities of the turtle up the beach, or just laying memeti. In this place there is also a semi-natural hatchery to incubate turtle eggs have been collected by the officers. Travellers can actively participate in turtle conservation efforts to take part in the release of hatchlings into the sea after hatching on the hatching of a natural spring.

Other attractions in the mangrove forest Sukamade beaches are located at the mouth of the east Coast Sukamade. The river can be worn on the afternoon of canoeing while observing birds (Bird waching) as Roko, Roko, albatross, Dara Sea and many more birds can be observed, this is usually done while waiting for Sunset.

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